Rough Diamond Marketing and Tendering

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Operating in the largest diamond centres of the world which ensures the optimum exposure to the correct market for each individual production.


Preparation of make-up parcels;

  • Preparation of all necessary regulatory documentation and payment of regulatory fees.
  • Shipment to tender facility and then the preparation of offices for tender.
  • Branding of the client on all tender related and sales material with official company branding.

Tender Management at relevant tender facility:

  • Receiving of goods and all necessary import documentation and fees.
  • Pre-tender screening of potential buyers.
  • Invitations, bookings and management of viewing appointments (invitations sent to selected buyers from the First Element list of more than 2000 buyers). Advertised on both the tender website and First Element websites.
  • Prepare tender lists and send out to selected buyers.
  • Interaction and technical dialogue with attendees.
  • Verification, sign off and presentation of tender results (top 3 bids) to client.
  • Notification of results to attendees.
  • Invoicing.
  • Collection of Payments.
  • Delivery of goods.
  • Remittance of funds to client.

Additional services offered to clients attending:

  • Immigration and VISA assistance.
  • Special rates on accommodation.
  • Catering to specific dietary requirements during tenders.
  • Processing of all documentation relating to the export of purchased parcels.
  • Shuttle Service.