Diamond Data Analysis & Reporting / full mine footprint

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Extensive in house experience to analyse production footprints, which can be used to monitor production from changing geological areas enabling the client’s short, medium and long term revenue planning to be dynamic.

In addition, both detailed back analysis and forward looking reports on the prices
achieved for the various categories sold at the tender can be tailored to the requirements of the client to produce price books across each category for specific diamond types.

The following is a list of the parameters reported on for some of First Elements clients:

  1. Carat Foot Printing (percentage gem, near gem, industrial carats with each individual assortment);
  2. Revenue Foot Printing (percentage value contained within categories);
  3. Variation of Stone size with Diamond Price;
  4. Back Analysis and Forward looking Dollar per carat reporting;
  5. Normalised Gemstones sold per Category;